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Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Is your dog struggling to cope on their own when you are not around?

Are they barking excessively in your absence?

Are you worried about what sort of mess you will come home to?

Or are you coming home to toileting accidents in the house when your dog has been previously house trained?

You are not alone. So many dogs are struggling to cope alone after unlimited time with their owners around during Covid-19. Regardless of the effects of Covid, your dog may also be suffering with separation anxiety too.

Separation anxiety is so distressing and heart breaking to see. It can destroy the bond between dogs and their owners. Hundreds of dogs are sadly rehomed each year due to the undesirable behaviours linked to separation anxiety. In worst cases some are even euthanised. We want to put an end to this so you can have a Stress Free Happy Hound for life.

That is why we have created something just for you today to help you and your dog with their anxieties.

Watch this short video to find out how we can help you today:

Sign up for FREE today!

In the free lesson we look at what separation anxiety is, how to tell if your dog is suffering from it. We then give you some simple, actionable tips to help your dog immediately with their anxieties to help them to be happy and relaxed when you are not around.

We hope to see you in the lesson very soon! We cannot wait to help you turn your dogs behaviour around so they can be calm and relaxed when you are not around.